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Legal Assistance For Grieving Families

Death is inevitable, but too often, people in Blair County are killed due to avoidable negligence. Wrongful death can devastate families by taking away a beloved spouse, parent or child. Not only will the family never enjoy the deceased’s love and guidance ever again, but they will no longer be able to rely on their financial support either.

A wrongful death claim can help a family facing financial peril because of the needless loss of a loved one restore economic stability. The Law Office of Joel D. Peppetti, P.C., helps guide loved ones through this important but complex process. Attorney Peppetti provides effective and aggressive representation, along with personal service and compassion for his wrongful death clients’ emotional trauma.

Altoona Wrongful Death Lawyer

The firm assists personal representatives with filing suit after any wrongful death caused by another party’s negligence, such as:

  • Motor vehicle accidents, including drunk driving crashes
  • Medical malpractice
  • Premises liability
  • Violent crime

Wrongful death litigation is not like a murder charge in criminal court, where the prosecution generally must prove that the defendant intended to cause the death. The standard is lower in Pennsylvania personal injury law. Families often feel a sense that justice has been done when the person or business that negligently caused their loved one’s death is made to pay compensation. Attorney Peppetti works tirelessly to hold defendants and their insurance companies accountable. He personally handles every aspect of the case and forces the insurance company to treat the claim fairly.

Confidential Consultations

Those interested in a legal consultation with Joel D. Peppetti about wrongful death law are invited to call his office: 814-201-6287. The Law Office of Joel D. Peppetti, P.C., can also be reached through email. Attorney Peppetti serves clients in Altoona and the rest of Blair County, Pennsylvania.