Child Custody: A Legal Dispute With A Lifetime Impact On Your Family

Child Custody

The foremost concern in any child custody dispute across the United States is the best interests of the child. In Pennsylvania, during any custody trial, the judge must weigh and balance 16 different factors to determine what is in the best interests and permanent welfare of your child. However, in these highly emotional custody disputes, while the judges and the attorneys may be the legal experts, the parents are the expert witnesses who know their child better than anyone else, and they will always be in the best position to make decisions on behalf of the child. Unfortunately, in many cases, parents cannot reach a custody agreement and the dispute must move forward to trial.
Attorney Peppetti has many years of experience handling child custody cases. From law offices in Altoona, he works with clients throughout Blair County and beyond. His experience ranges from amicable mediation conferences through complex custody trials involving multiple family members. In any event, the focus of your case will always be on the best interests of your child and preserving that priceless parent-child relationship. While this focus may appear simple, the legal issues and legal procedures are not. Once a custody complaint is filed, the parents are required to file certain verifications and they may be ordered to appear before a judge for the initial conference in a short period of time. Also, during a divorce or custody dispute, one parent may attempt to prevent the relationship between the child and the other parent. You must have an experienced custody lawyer to file petitions with the court and to advocate for your custodial rights. The Law Office of Joel D. Peppetti, P.C., represents child custody clients during intake conferences, mediation conferences, pretrial conferences, special relief hearings, contempt hearings, modification hearings, relocation hearings and custody trials.

Joel D. Peppetti Has Ample Experience In Complex Child Custody Cases

Attorney Peppetti also handles the voluntary and involuntary termination of parental rights, adoptions, third-party custody complaints and violations of custody orders.

It is imperative to understand the differences between legal custody and physical custody in Pennsylvania. For information on physical and legal custody, see the “What Is The Difference …” page on this website. Whether you are requesting primary physical custody, shared physical custody or partial physical custody, attorney Peppetti can help you search for a solution through negotiations or argue for your rights during an extensive trial.

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