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Probate & Estate Administration Lawyer

After someone dies, their estate must be wrapped up. Someone must settle the decedent’s debts, pass on the remaining assets to their heirs and otherwise handle their final affairs. While this is a significant responsibility and requires knowledge of Pennsylvania probate law, personal representatives have the right to hire an attorney to help them.

Attorney Joel D. Peppetti has practiced law in Altoona for 20 years. Along with assisting clients in estate planning, he represents personal representatives (also known as executors) in probate court. Attorney Peppetti advises personal representatives and handles every detail to help them avoid missed deadlines and costly errors. His guidance helps personal representatives save significant time, stress and expense in legal fees. Whether the decedent left behind a comprehensive estate plan or died intestate, he will help probate the estate efficiently and accurately.

Estate Administration Litigation In Blair County

Litigation is rare in estate administration. But sometimes, a controversy over the will, trust or other matter flares up. When it does, attorney Peppetti provides dependable advice and representation to personal representatives, heirs and other interested parties. He can successfully defend personal representatives and help individuals challenge the legitimacy of the will or trust. His attention to detail, experience in the courtroom and negotiating table, and concern for his client’s best interests help him reach fair and equitable outcomes in complex probate litigation.

Such disputes can pit family members against each other. Attorney Peppetti treats these matters with sensitivity and the goal of resolving the dispute with minimal rancor to avoid exacerbating emotional strains.

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